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From FB 11/06/20

God told Noah to build an Ark because He was sending a flood. Would you be surprised at Noah, if when the flood began he was in shock,wondering what was happening. The stage is being set for the time that the Apostle Paul wrote about in 1st and 2nd Timothy to take place. The Lord Jesus Christ is coming to meet His Church in the Air, after the Holy Spirit and the Church that has been sealed by the Spirit has left the Earth, the Antichrist will then be revealed, Israel will be persecuted by every Nation on Earth, 3 1/2 years of tribulation , the Holy Spirit will be poured out on the Earth as the Latter Rain and then 3 1/2 of great tribulation will come upon the Earth. After which Jesus will return/ the Second Coming as Prophesied to Israel and Jesus will establish His Kingdom on Earth and He Will set on the Throne of David. And Jesus Christ will deliver Israel from all of the Enemies that have come against them. I am NOT in fear, I am standing in Faith. My Trust is in the Lord. Let us not faint in well doing.

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